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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Training Time

Recently, a young lady from my church asked if she could intern with me for 40 hours before the school year starts. You see, she is a senior this year. For her senior class project, her homeschool organization has asked the students to intern with someone in a field that they would like to be in one day. She hopes that the Lord would use her as a missionary. In faith, Evangeline sent in her paperwork asking her public homeschool group for permission to intern with a missionary. We had set specific goals and purposes for what we had hoped to accomplish. The school approved her internship with me.

Evangeline's first experience was traveling on a Sunday with me. We left extremely early for a 2 1/2 hr. drive to morning service. First stop was a church that I was just visiting. The Lord's timming is great! In Sunday School I was telling the lady next to me about being on deputation for South Africa, when a college guy turned around in front of me and got all excited. He said, "I know missionaries in South Africa!" "Do you know the ..." As usual I prepared to say "No, I am sorry I don't know them". As a missionary you get asked alot "Do you know so-and-so???" and usual I don't know them, but this time was differant. He knew the Kilmers!!!! They had presented thier ministry at his church and the Lord has burdened him to help them. He is now in his second year of Bible College preparing to one day be on the missiona field. It was exciting for me to talk with someone else who loved the Zulu people and the country of South Africa like I do. It was also very encouraging to see that the Lord is raising up a younger generation to continue sharing the light of the Gospel on that dark continent. Please pray for that young man - Steven.
The evening service was at a small church in Princeton, NJ. What a great service! The preaching was just what I needed! It was a blessing to show my dvd presentation to the church and to share a testimony. Evangeline got to see what it was like to share your burden at a church and then to fellowship with them afterward. Some ladies took us out for a meal. We had a great time of laughter and fellowship. I truly felt like I was sharing a meal with sisters.
The next part of Evangeline's internship was the basics of deputation.

Our mornings started at 7:30 am with devotions.
She experienced what every missionary goes through when calling pastors. Evangeline made up a survey about missions and called churches asking pastors to answer the survey and for thier advice for a student that is burdened for missions. Along with calling, her other projects included: reading about and designing a budget, researching South Africa, putting together Bible lessons that teach missions to children, having lunch with our pastoral staff, helping people from the church, designing a letterhead, prayercard, and display board,... I greatly enjoyed my time with Evangeline and hope that she continues to be obedient and sensitive to His leading in her life.

After her personal research on South Africa, Evangeline made a video. you may view her video at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5GasBsx2NM .

The Bible instructs the older people to teach the younger. Who are you teaching today?

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