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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

School Preparations


We were waiting for the curriculum to arrive
and when it finally did,
it was water damaged.
Whole boxes of books soaked through.
Those that weren't soaked through,
had water damage on the spine of the books
The day that we planned to spend going through curriculum,
organizing materials, and decorating classrooms...
...instead was spent laying out every book 
and piece of paper seperately to dry.
Thankfully, we had the space to lay it out.

On the Sunday night before school started,
we had a special dedication service. 
This is the first year of the school,
we don't know what will be ahead, 
but we know that God has led the church
 to start a school this year.
Pastor Rich placed 18 little chairs in front of the auditorium
 to represent the 18 students who will be 
the first students at Independent Baptist School.

Three leading men at our church were asked 
to come forward to pray for the dedication.
One man prayed for the students, another for the parents,
and the other for the teachers.

After prayer, Pastor Rich called these two men forward.
They have given many hours to the
 construction & preparation of the school classrooms.
We are so thankful for their willing hearts & hands!

The day before school was open house.
We went in early to decorate and prepare.
Above is the room where the 2-4 year old children have school.

Below is the 0-1 year old room 
where the staff children are watched during school time.
Thanks to some families for the rugs that the children can play on.

Another great big THANKS to Mrs. Snedegar 
(one of the best preschool teachers I know)
for giving me alphabet sets, posters, and lots of learning materials.

Without those blessed contributions,
the classrooms would not be what they are today.

I know many of you helped to gather matierials and have given
 financially to the purchase of school supplies.    Thank you!

Now we are ready to start school!!!

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