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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saturday Footsteps of Faith Club

Blind Volleyball
Our Saturday Footsteps of Faith Club is one of my favorite ministries!

Making cards for our pastor.
Saturdays, are days when our faithful members and their families 
come out to serve the Lord by going out visiting in our area.
The ladies go out on visitation at 1pm and the men at 2pm every week.

Bible memory
While they are all out visiting, I teach a Footsteps of Faith Club f
or all of the children 5-13 yrs old.

Since our children's Sunday School can get as high as 250 per Sunday,
we wanted to take advantage of a time when we could invest in the faithful few.
It would be a time when we really dig into the Word of God.

This club is designed to teach the faithful children
 (next generation of our church) - Bible doctrine and godly character.

Since January, I have taught through all of the Bible doctrines 
and now we are working on church etiquette and godly character traits.

Game time
Every week, we start with game time.
This is fun for me to get to know the kids better, plus it teaches them some new things.

One of the young ladies that I am training to teach.
After that, we go into our classroom for song time,... 

Review game

...Bible memory, review game, Bible lesson, and missionary story.

Coloring visuals for school

This group of faihtful kids also helped me to color some visuals for my school class, 
while I did not have use of my right hand.

When you serve the Lord, you always ask God to use you and to be a blessing to those you minister to, then you find that they also become a blessing to you.

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