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Friday, July 8, 2016


they drive us crazy,
 but they also bring such joy to our lives.

How is that?
How can they be so cute one moment and so terrible the next?

Let me tell you that working in a class of 2-4 year olds everyday,
 sometimes makes me feel like I am aging quickly 
and like they suck the life right out of me.

Like every mother of toddlers,
I wish I could harness that energy for myself and use it to wear them out.
Our days in preschool are filled with ups and downs.

Even on days when someone is being VERY naughty all day,
another one is terribly sick,
noses are ALL running ALL the time,
someone has an accident,
and it just feels like they are not getting what I am teaching -
- I go home saying that it was a "GOOD" day.

Because of those sweet little faces.
Those faces are what carry me through on days
 when I don't really want to be on my toes and wasting my breath.

The faces are little reminders that behind each face is a soul.
A little soul that I hope will belong to Jesus one day.
A person that we want God to use and bless.

So tomorrow, when I do it all over again -
wiping noses, 
repeating the same instructions,
singing the same song for the bazillionth time,
- it will only take one look at those little faces 
to be reminded of the precious job God has placed before me.

And again, I sigh in remembrance 
and know that the exhaustion I feel most days 
is worth it all!!!

{The Bemba woman in the pictures with my class is a faithful lady from our church.  She helps me a few days a week.  Please pray for her and others who help.   Also pray that the Lord would provide more teachers and helpers}

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