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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bible Study with Londiwe

Every Wednesday, Londiwe and I get together for a Bible Study.
We started after I met with her to do a Scripture study.

During our first meeting, I saw that she was very teachable.
Londiwe had a hunger for God's Word.

She told me that she has a hard time reading the Bible
 because she doesn't understand what she reads.
I showed her Scripture and explained how the Holy Spirit is our Guide and Teacher. 
 I also encouraged her to be asking God to help her understand what she reads.

She shared with me how she was saved.
 Then she told me that she was interested in doing a weekly discipleship/Bible Study.

I decided that the Book of John would be a good place to start, 
since it is her Lord and Savior she needs to know better.

Every week we study a chapter from the Book of John.
The week before, we talk about what chapter is next
 and write down a verse from that chapter to memorize. 
During the week, we both study that chapter on our own, at home.
Then for Bible Study we come together to discuss what we have learned.

We just studied John 11 and our memory verse was John 11:25 
"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: 
he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:"   

We have 3x5 cards that we use to write what we have learned from the passage.
During our personal study, we ask ourselves questions like: 
"what does this teach me about God/Jesus?" 
 and "how can I apply this to my life?"

For Bible Study, I go up to the village and pick Londiwe up and bring her to my house 
(she says that she is glad to get away from the village 
to have a peaceful time studying God's Word).

Sometimes we play UNO before Bible Study,
 sometimes we just talk (and laugh); 
but then it is time to study.  

First, we sing. 
 I am teaching her "Unto Thee, O Lord" from Psalm 25
 and she helps me to learn some of the Zulu songs fro the church song book.

We always start in prayer.
  Then we read the passage of Scripture out loud together.  
She reads it in Zulu and I read it in English. 
 We do this verse by verse. 

This process is helping me learn more Zulu and helps her hear it both ways so it will sink in. 
Before Bible Study I break down the chapter into passages. 

 We read the verses of the passage together 
and then we share what we wrote at home on our note cards. 
 Sometimes Londiwe is not sure if she understands something, so I explain.

I will also make a note to share another verse to back up something we read,
 if I think it might be useful for her.
If the passage refers to some other event or prophecy in Scripture, we look at that.   

Many times cultural issues come up in our study. 
 This is good because it helps Londiwe to see how she can share that Jesus is the Only Way!

One of the funny things that happened a few weeks back- was when we switched our out loud reading to where I was reading from the Zulu Bble and she would read the English. 
 After we finished reading a passage out loud, she turned to me and said, 
"Auntie Gina, can you please tell me what it this "thither"?" 
  I had to laugh.  
Our good "Old English" confused her a little. 
 I explained to her that we don't use words like "thither" anymore 
and that most American children wouldn't know what it means either.  

Then I told her what it meant 
(thankfully, I did because it was used a few more times before we finished the chapter).  

I told you earlier that we are memorizing an important verse from each chapter.
Below you will find two video clips of us saying our first memory verse.

I laugh at the video clips every time.
Please laugh with me!

Okay, that wasn't very good (but it sure was funny).
Now watch us say our verse in Zulu- first, together; then separately.

As you can see, I am still new at the Zulu pronunciations.
These videos were taken a while ago.  
I think I have progressed a little since then - PRAISE THE LORD!

Please continue to pray for us as we study God's Word together.

Matthew 28:20
"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

II Timothy 2:2
"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."