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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Church People

Today, I would like to tell you about a few people from our church in Embo.
These are some of the people that you have already had a part in ministering the Gospel to.

Baba is the man sitting across the aisle, in the middle of this picture.
In our community, the people all know what he did.
He killed a family member, went to prison for it, and now he is out in the community again.
I first heard of him while on visitation one day. 

 We went out to visit one of the Gogos 
and on our way back stopped at a house to invite people to church.  
Baba's sister was home and told us that he was out of prison and that she was afraid of him.
Later that day, Don had a chance to see him and invite him to church.

He came that next week, but then left after church began. 
The next week, he returned and stayed.  
He has continued to come a bit more regularly now 
and you can tell he is becoming a bit more comfortable than at first.

Baba has still not accepted Christ as His Savior.
Please pray with us that he will soon be saved.


Sadly, I do not have a better picture of this next person I want to introduce you to.
The lady sitting in the front, with the silver head scarf is Nhlanhla (or Clementine).

Just after I arrived in South Africa, we held a 5-day Bible Club at church.
The Saturday before club, the Kilmers, Londiwe, 
and I went out in the village to invite children to come.
During our visitation, the Kilmers met Clementine along the road and invited her to church.
We were excited when she came the next day.

After church, Pastor Don Kilmer spoke with her.
Clementine said that she was saved.
Pastor Don asked her what she based her salvation on.
She said that because she went to church she was saved.
Pastor Don, then took the time to show her from God's Word how to be saved.
That day, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior.

She was such a joy to have at church.
Clementine attended every service faithfully, brought her Bible,
 studied it at home on her own, and tried to follow along during the preaching.

A few weeks later, Londiwe and I went to visit her 
because she had not come to church that week.
We found out that she had moved to another area to help a family member who was sick.

Please continue to pray with us that Clementine would find a good church to attend there,
 continue to study God's Word on her own, and that she would grow spiritually.


Mnqobi is the little boy in the red shirt.
He always dresses so nice for church with a nice shirt & tie, dress pants and shiny shoes.
Mnqobi is the only kid who comes for the 10am adult Sunday School.
He always walks in and sits right in the front.

Because he is there early, he learns so much more from God's Word than the other children.
Some of the children walk in here and there for the regular service, 
but Mnqobi is there before it starts.

Please pray for other children to have a hunger for God's Word.
They need to come faithfully, early/or at least on time, for all services, 
and with a hunger for God's Word.

Also pray for Mnqobi.  He has not been at church the last few weeks.
We are not sure why, but we know that God could use him as he grows in the Lord.
these children are the future of our ministry 
and we pray that God would raise up some faithful and teacheable people.

It is my joy to share with you some of these people from our church.
I know that you are praying and that you want to know more about these people 
that you have a part in ministering to.