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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to them!

The week before Christmas, 
Londiwe and I were invited to my very first Zulu birthday party.
The party was for Nobhle (the first girl that Londiwe led to the Lord).

We arrived early and got to talk with the family and help with the decorations.

Then, the children started to arrive.

When I left my house that morning,
 I grabbed an illustrated book for children about the birth of Christ. 
 I thought, maybe I will get to show it to someone as a tool to witness to them.  

Little did I know what the God had planned.

As children arrived, I had a chance to talk with some of them.
This area, where Nobuhle lives is called Protea.

There are many people there, that we have not yet reached with the Gospel.
It is about an hour walk to our church from Protea.

It is always amazing to see how the Lord works things out.
Usually at a party the kids are so busy doing activities,
but at this party, the activities had not yet arrived, 
so the children all gathered and sat with nothing to do.

What a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel with a captive audience!

I pulled out the book I brought, along with my Bible.

We asked the children if they would like to hear about 
the greatest birthday ever - the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their faces were gleaming with excitement.

As we read from Luke 2 and showed the picture book, 
I could see that God's Word was speaking to the heart of these children.

Near the end of my lesson, I explained that you can have 2 birthdays-
1) the day you were physically born 
2) the day you put your trust in Jesus as Saviour
(you are born into the family of God).

When we finished out Bible lesson,
7 children responded to the invitation.

4 of those children prayed to receive Christ as Saviour that day.

small children with Nobuhle (middle)
We praise the Lord for Nobuhle, 
the opportunity to share the Gospel with these children,
and for the 4 who were saved!

I am currently having a discipleship class for those children
 every Wednesday in Protea.

Please continue to pray for the area of Protea 
and for these children to grow in the Lord.

More party pictures: