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Saturday, February 8, 2014

ZAMBIA : Visiting in the bush

One morning, We headed out of town into the bush
to visit a family from church.
Some of the roads in Zambia are paved, while others are dirt.

Some people walk,
others ride bicycle,
some drive a homemade donkey cart,
and others drive (like we did).

The road conditions in Kabwe are very bad.
Below is a video I took while driving in the bush.

Sometimes, you have to stop and ask for directions.
Without proper addresses for the people you are visiting,
you have to ask if they know where "so and so" lives.

A little while later, we found a woman who knew the lady we were visiting.
She walked in front of us to show us where she lives.

Faith, one of the faithful woman from Independent Baptist church,
speaks in Bemba to the woman of the house.
(Bemba is the official language of the Bemba people.  
Although it shares the same root family of the Bantu language as Zulu,
 it is VERY differant.)

Carole speaks to the daughter of the house.
She had not been attending church recently.
We found out during this visit that she was not coming to church,
because she had no shoes to wear.
This was an easy problem to fix,
we found shoes to give to her so that she could attend church again.

Even little Hazel likes to visit with the Bemba people.

This is a typical Bemba kitchen.

Carole & Faith do a wonderful job visiting the ladies.
It was a blessing for me to go along with them and to see 
how the people in this part of Africa live.

Please pray for the missionaries & people from the
Independent Baptist Church in Kabwe
as they visit people in town and in the bush.

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