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Friday, February 7, 2014

Visiting a Ministry in Zambia

With my ministry in Durban, South Africa coming to a close,
my pastor and deacons recommended that I travel to Zambia
 to see another ministry.

So I went to visit Pastor Adam and Carole Rich 
on January 20-Febrary 3rd to see their ministry
at Independent Baptist Church in Kabwe, Zambia.

Kabwe is known for its lead and zinc deposits. 
There are over 203,000 people living in Kabwe,
which makes a perfect location for Independent Baptist Church.

The church is close to the center of town.

Here is a video of what you might see while driving through Kabwe.

The church owns this brown building.

Outside the church auditorium.


Church Nursery sometimes has 26 babies & toddlers in it.
Taking attendance as the children arrive.
On this Sunday, there were around 196 kids in attendance.


Along with regular church services,
Independent Baptist Church has a productive visitation ministry.
They meet every Saturday afternoon to pray 
and go out to visit others in the community.

The church also has a vision to start a Christian school in 2015.
Please pray that the Lord will provide the finances, administration,
 and teachers to make this possible.

Also pray with me, as I seek the Lord concerning where He wants me to serve.

***Be sure to look for more posts about my visit to Zambia including:
-visiting in the bush
-life on a farm in Zambia

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