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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Packing Barrels for Zambia

On August 20th, this man from AMEZAM met me at a church in Maryland 
to load my truck with barrels to fill for Zambia.

I had four 78 gallon barrels to fill with ministry supplies
 for the school & ministry in Zambia.

It was amazing to see how God provided.

From school supplies, to toys, and also with a variety of Bible lesson pictures & ideas, God sent many things to use in the ministry in Zambia.

Thanks to TAP Ministry, the Lord provided some excellant tools for the Sunday School & Junior church classes.

Very soon, my barrels went from empty...

I had to stand on a stool to get things into the bottom of the barrel.
I used my "reaching sticks" to get things to be packed & stacked better.
Then I used the sticks again to find any extra space where we could fit something else in.
For weeks, I packed and packed until the last barrel was finished.

...to full. Praise the Lord!!!

Dad got me that cute monkey puppet for only 89 cents!

On Monday, September 15th, my Zambian friend came back to meet me at the church to pick up the packed barrels.

We rolled the barrels from one truck to the other.

Those barrels were taken to the Baltimore harbor, 
packed in a container and put on a freighter bound for Africa.  

When they arrive, they will be unloaded and driven to a farm in Zambia where I will receive them around Christmas time (that is how long it takes, folks!).

Thank you to all who gave supplies and financial gifts 
to make the shipping of these things possible.  

It will be like Chritmas when we open them on the mission field 
(oh, and it WILL BE Christmas!!!)

Please pray that God would allow them to get to thier destination without any damage, extra cost or hassle.  Thanks again!

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