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Monday, May 22, 2017

This Little One

As a missionary, you wish you had time to really do 
everything you would like to do.

There are so many people with so many needs.

So many talents and experiences that the Lord has given you, 
but not ever enough time to share them with others.

Every day, week, month, year we are faced with choices.

Since I can't do everything (after all, I am not wonder woman),
I have to decide what I can do that will make the most impact for the Lord.

Where is HE leading me?

What does HE want me to do or not do?

In reality, it takes many precious years to work with someone,
and in the end, it is just a small impact,

Recently, I have noticed that this little boy has been struggling in school.

         He is a very clever boy, but yet struggles
 to get all of his work done in class.

I hardly have extra time for anything.
My schedule is so jam-packed with school, visiting, ministries, 
house cleaning, laundry, dishes,....
 but the Lord prompted me to take a little time twice a week
 to help this little one regain his confidence back.

I tutor him twice a week.
it is just a short time,
a great joy!

Every week I go home blessed.

First of all, because when you obey 
what the Lord is telling you to do,
then He blesses you.

You know,
 when we have our little times together,
it seems like time stands still.

I never feel like I am 'sacrificing' my time,
I never have an anxious spirit (what I mean by that, 
is when you feel like you just want to get to the next thing),
I feel totally at peace during these times. 

All I can say, is that it is because of obeying the Lord.

Another thing I love about my times with this little boy,
is to hear him pray.

He still speaks in broken English, 
but when he prays it is with a heart to please God.

He prays for his teachers, that God would help him with his work 
and that God would help him be kind to others.

Precious, precious, precious!

My time with this little one may not change the world,


Isaiah 60:22
little one shall become a thousand, 
and a small one a strong nation: 
I the Lord will hasten it in his time.

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