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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Birthday for Everyone

The other day was my birthday.
Everytime one of the children has a birthday
I wish I could bring in some cake for them,
but with our busy schedule 
and the time and expense it is just not possible.

So I thought I would use my birthday as a special time to bring in some "birthday" things and to teach them about how old they are.

It is  a big deal for a 2-4 year old to be able to say how old they are.
We are learning our numbers 1-10 and so I placed those numbers around the room and asked them to stand by the number that was their age.

TWO- we are 2 years old.

FOUR- I am 4 years old.

THREE- We are 3 years old.

After establishing their age,
the students returned to their tables to color a cupcake 
(or as one of the girls calls it "a bupcake", 
which sometimes sounds like she says "butcake", which is so cute)

After coloring the cake,
they pasted little pieces of colored paper onto the cupcake.
(FYI- this works on a toddler's motor skills.  Heee, hee, hee, sneaky teacher.)

Then we asked them again how old they are
and gave then paper candles to paste on to reinforce 
their understanding of how old they are.

After that activity,
I said, "Who wants to play Birthday Party?".
The children all resounded with a "me, teacher, me!!!!!"

So, I got out the party hats and we played the blind man's bluff game.

This game was so new to them.
Some did not like to be blindfolded, but by the end of the game
were beginning to grasp the concept of the fun in it.

Giggles and laughter spilled from our room as we played and ran and laughed.

After our game, 
I gathered the children in the other room around a cake.

Together, we counted the candles : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.
Every opportunity was made to reinforce what we are learning
(and no, I did not turn 8, just used it for the children).

As you can see, all eyes were fixed on the cake.
Not a sound came from the kids as they watched anxiously.

Then we sang "Happy Birthday"...

...and blew out all the candles.

We made lots of noise and had a nice little "party".

They all enjoyed some cake outside 
and then played in the school yard.

It really was a fun birthday for both myself and the students 
(and no pity parties).

I just want to say how thankful I am for my helper.
That day I brought my camera in hopes of getting one picture of me 
and the students on my birthday to send to my mom.
My helper asked for the camera in the morning 
and used it all day to take these nice pictures.
She says,"you are always taking all the pictures and are never in them. 
You are an important part of this ministry and their lives".
I am greatly blessed to have these pictures 
and all of the great memories that go with them.

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Bess said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! It looked like one of the best parties:)