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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inciwa- Free Meals for Everyone !

Flying ants, there is never a chance to wonder 
whether they have arrived or not. 
 It is always quite evident that they are here.
Dead inswa all over my floors.

Usually, you notice they have come out of the ground at night, 
because they fly through your window toward the lights in your house.
Inswa on the walkway outside my house.

Once in your house, they fly around (which is very irritating),
then they drop thier wings (which is even more irritating),
then they crawl around like helpless creatures (which is so much more iritating),
finally, they die (which at first makes you happy, 
but then is the most irritating, 
because you have to sweep all of the bug remnants off your floors).

Let me just say, that those piles of dead inswa stink like rotten animal.
Yuck! Hold your nose!

Pile of dead inswa.

Below is a short video of a pile of inswa outside my house.
You can see how they are getting ready to drop their wings, 
because they are crawling around.
This happens about every other month.

The only good part about the inswa
 is the fact that the Bemba people love to eat them!
Bemba girls gathering inswa outside my house.
Many of the people who live on or around our farm will send thier daughters or wives to my house to ask if they can have my dead inswa.
"Of course", I say.
And they happily chat as they pick up this nice treat that they will take home
 and fry in oil and crunch away on.

The inswa remind me of people who come rush to God (the Light)
at differant times in their lives.
They don't really want to have God as the center of thier lives, 
they are just attracted to Him because of the difficulties or seasons happening in thier lives.
Sadly, it is not too soon after that, that we find them crawling away to die spiritually
and then they are swept away by the world.

Let's pray for our brother and sisters in the Lord,
as well as, new converts.
Pray that they would make sincere and lasting decisions.

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