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Friday, February 13, 2015

Not another "pity" party!

As my 36th birthday approaches,
 I can't help but thank the Lord for the life He has given me.

Is it what I expected?
No, not at all.

Like most of my friends, I had expected that God would bring a godly man into my life, that I would be married and have a handful of children.

Yes, there is a bit of emptiness that comes with being this age and not having a family to fill your life, or a husband to be your partner, comrade,
 and friend in the good and bad times.

To be honest,
 I usually have a little birthday "pity party" 
for myself.
This party is not thrown with balloons 
or crepe paper, 
more like tissue paper and tears.

 I do still long to have the full life
 that many of you have,
but at the same time I know that 
God's way is best.

So that little "party" just lasts a few moments and then the blessings of the Lord flood my mind
and I think on how great the Lord is to me.

While I still believe that the Lord has a husband out there for me somewhere,
I know that even though I don't have someone to share life's moments with;
I DO have the Lord with me 
every hour of every day.

And day by day, as I continue on in this life, I know He is always by my side cheering me on, drying those tears in my little "pity party" moments, and blessing me with every spiritual blessing because I am His and He is mine.

This week, I thank the Lord that even though 
I do not have my own children 
to train and care for,
He has filled that void by making me a 
"half-day mommy"
 to eleven little smiling faces.

Although the week brought many laughs, 
as well as,  many times where 
I was at the end of my rope on patience,
I thank God every day for allowing me 
to be here with these precious little ones.

After all, what we really need in life 
is to be "needed" 
and useful for the glorifying of our God.

Pictures above of the land around the farm where I live in Zambia
and the last picture is from my classroom at preschool.

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