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Friday, March 25, 2011

Travel Journal: March 22-24, 2011

The Lord has done many things during the last few days:
1) He protected me from danger

As I was traveling from the top of Alabama to Florida, I needed to find a place to stay for the night. I stopped at a reputable hotel to see if they had any rooms. As I was walking in I noticed some scary & suspicious characters sitting around. The lady at the desk said they were full for the night (no room in the inn). I got in the truck and drove further down the road and saw that there was a casino almost next door. I didn't know that! I believe the Lord protected me from what could have been a dangerous situation. Praise the Lord!
2) He gave me another meeting unexpectedly
On Wednesday afternoon I met with a pastor & his wife for dinner. He asked me to come and show my presentation & share a testimony that night. What a blessing it was to meet everyone at Trinity Baptist Church. They were so friendly & encouraging. I especially enjoyed talking to the kids & bus kids. They have a great group of children's workers who sincerely love the children.
3)An unexpected visit with some college students
Since I am in Pensacola, FL I have also been blessed to visit with some of the college students from our home church. They live such busy lives with all of the learning going on. So far I have been to the girls' dorm, attended 2 chapels and have eaten meals with 2 of them. The Lord has given me time especially with my dear friend Melanie. We hope to spend Saturday off campus sight-seeing.
4) Great opportunities to witness these last few weeks.
This past week I have had more opportunities than usual. Last night while Melanie and I went out to the mall (she was so glad to be off campus for a while),I was able to witness to a lady in the ladies' dressing room. She was very grumpy when I went in so I asked the Lord to help me witness to her. When I came out of the dressing room I was able to speak to her more in depth. The ladies name is Trenthia. She is so cold to the Lord right now because she sees her mother's death as unjust. I hope that she sees how much God loves her and that He has a purpose for everything. I was amazed at how she wanted to talk. Thank you Lord for opening the doors!

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