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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right Place, Right Time or God's Will, God's Timing

There are some weeks that I do not have meetings scheduled. During those times I rely on the Lord to lead me to visit a church that I have not yet had a meeting at. On May 1st, I had the chance to visit one of those churches. Have you ever had the experience where you felt like you were at the right place, at the right time? I know I have. This time was differant though. I had thoroughly prayed and asked the Lord to direct me where I should be that Sunday and He certainly directed me.
I attended a wonderful church in Maryland. The people were so nice and friendly. In the middle of Sunday School a young woman came in and sat next to me. After Sunday School, I introduced myself to her. As we were talking I could tell that she was either unsaved or newly saved. She said she was attending church because her little girl wanted to come.
I love to talk, but the service was starting in the sanctuary. What a great challenge the message was that day on the things we say and having a godly "conversation". After service, the people were a joy to fellowship with. As we moved toward the door, I found the young woman to talk to again. She was sharing with me how she loved to come to church because she had messed up her life and did not want her daughter to do the same. I started to tell her about the woman at the well and how wonderful it is that God wants us to come to Him as we are, because He alone can make all things new. She said that she never heard of that Bible story.
Right then the Holy Spirit prompted me that she did not need to hear about the woman at the well, but about God's simple plan of salvation.
I asked the young lady if she had time for me to show her from the Bible how to be saved. She said, "Yes,we have plenty of time". We walked back into church and sat down. I was able to show her from the Bible thoroughly how to be saved. She said that in her 23 years, she had never had anyone show her from the Bible how to be saved. She had many questions and I could tell that she did not fully understand her need of salvation. She said she wished that someone would come and help her understand God's Word as she read it.
After talking to her, the pastor set up a time for someone from the church to go to her home and talk with her. Please pray that this young woman accepts Christ as her Savior. I have not shared her name for a reason, but please pray that she would understand and be saved.
You see, this was not the right place at the right time, but God's perfect will and timing!

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