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Monday, May 30, 2011

Travel Journal: May 26-30, 2011

The last few days I had the blessing of being with my family. We love to go to Virginia. The town we stay in is very laid back. There is no phone and we don't look at the clock very often. It is nice to have the chance to get up and study your Bible without any distractions.
Some of our favorite things to do together are : fishing, crabbing, playing games, going to the local flea markets, and beach combing.
The sunset the other night was so beautiful as we were coming in from crabbing. It is nice to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the creation He has given us (except for the mosquitos).
On Saturday, we went out to the flea markets to find "treasures". While there I was able to share the true "Treasure" with two people. It is amazing who the Lord leads you to witness to. The one man just lost his brother and had been thinking about his life and eternity. He was very eager to talk about God. Hopefully, he went home and read the Scripture in the literature I gave him. I pray that what I said to him would be used of the Lord to challenge his decision to trust in the Lord as his own personal Savior.
Yesterday, I had the blessing of attending Central Baptist Church in Onley, VA. The pastor, his wife and thier boys were such a blessing to fellowship with. It was great to find a local, like-minded church within an hour of where my family stays. Hopefully, I will get to visit again. The preaching, singing, and fellowship were used by the Lord in my life.
Today, as we honor the men who have gone before us to make our country free, let us not forget our Lord who gave His life for our sins!

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