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Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss Gina, I'm LOST !!!

Have you ever been told by a lost person that they are lost? Well, I have for the first time a few weeks ago. A 20 year old young lady said to me while I was witnessing to her - "Miss Gina, I'm lost; I'm just lost". I could not believe my ears. She knew she was lost just by hearing God's Word. There was no need for me to tell her she was lost. Let me tell you her story.
Dakota is part of a special ed. program from a public school that is about an hour from my home. She has a christian teacher who brought her to the camp where I live. The teacher is not allowed to talk about the Lord to the students unless they ask her, but I was (and boy did I).

That afternoon I spent a little time helping Dakota do some things and started talking about the Lord. She had never heard of Jesus before. Later that evening, I was able to spend about 2 hours talking to her about salvation and God's love for her. She comes from a broken home. Her mother is a drunk, she has little self worth, and is emotional and suicidal. Others had tried to help her, but I pointed her to the solution of her problem - Jesus Christ!
Dakota did not get saved that night. The next morning I found out from her camp counselor that she went back in the cabin and repeated everything that I said to her from God's Word. My witnessing affected many other people! Please continue to pray for Dakota to understand God's Word and to be saved.

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