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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS from sunny South Africa !

Well , some of you have probably been wondering
 what Christmas is like in South Africa.

Christmas is HOT!!!!

Most South African Christians celebrate Christmas 
by attending a Christmas service.
Our church
(Enjoy a few pictures I took in my neighbor's garden on Christmas Day,
 while I tell you more about Christmas here in South Africa.)

We had a Christmas Morning Service at 9am.
During the service, we sang the Christmas carols 
and read the Christmas story from Luke 2 & Matthew 1&2.
Our service was packed and it was very hot in the building.
I wonder if this guy is any relation to the Christmas beetle? (heee, hee!)

After service, the families exchanged a few homemade presents 
and we went our separate ways for  Christmas dinner.

The Demarests and I enjoyed Christmas meal together 
since we are the only family each other has on this side of the world.

We ate - turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole, 
corn pudding, stuffing, sweet potatoes,
 and had cream cheese pie with cherries (from the States) on top.

After lunch, Robbin and I played a round of Phase 10,
while pastor enjoyed watching some football in between his cat naps
(Shh, don't tell him I told you that!   :)   )

The afternoon meant that our families in the States 
were just waking up on Christmas morning.
So we parted ways to talk to our families.

My family lives on the East Coast, 
but the Demarest's family is West Coast and MidWest.
 So, I had to wait a little longer to talk to my family.
That was okay, because I got to take a nap.

What a blessing it is to see and hear your family on Christmas Day!
I got to talk to my mom, dad, brother, cousin, aunt & uncle.
I felt like I was there with them!
Thank the Lord for modern technology and that my internet was working!

Most South Africans celebrate Christmas different than us.
After church, they may gather with family, 
each family bringing part of the meal and all contributing a different meat to the feast - one will bring lamb, another turkey, ham, gammon, duck,....  
They cook their meat ahead or brai (barbeque) there
 and bring cold salads to share.  
They know how to enjoy a hot day by eating cooler things 
and going swimming in the afternoon!

Christmas Cracker
Some South Africans open Christmas Crackers at mealtime.  
The first time I heard of Christmas crackers,
 I thought it was special crackers to eat at Christmas, but it is not. 
 They are little tubes filled with sweats and treats, wrapped in pretty Christmas paper and then "Cracked" open by each pulling an end. What a fun tradition!!!

Well,that is all I will share for now about Christmas here in South Africa.

Wishing you a very
from Gina in sunny South Africa!