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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Blessing of Godly Companions

I was very thankful to go with a mission team from my church to help a church in Wyoming with thier VBS. The pastor, his family, and people from the church were such a blessing to fellowship with.

An added blessing to the trip was spending time with some ladies and teens from my church. On deputation I travel everywhere by myself, eat by myself, minister by myself, sight-see by myself, shop by myself, sleep in a room by myself,...you get the point.
It was such a blessing to live in a house for a while with other ladies. You may say, "I don't know 9 ladies living in the same house. REALLY????" It was great to wake up in the quietness of the morning to see others spending time with thier Lord. There is a great peace and encouragement that comes from seeing others walk with God.

I enjoyed actually sitting down to have breakfast (instead of the regular habit I have of grabbing and going). Having Maple Bars with Diana was such a treat, not the mention the many pots of coffee Wendy & I made to enjoy together each day.

Usually, I serve alongside others at my home church and the differant churches that I visit on deputation. This trip to Wyoming was special because we were able to serve with others together. The godliness, hardwork, and servant's heart of these ladies and teens I stayed with made my short time with them very valuable. Each lady had a spirutal talent/gift to share with others. God certainly put our team together!

Thank you Lord for giving me godly friends & companions!!!

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