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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Mother, the Missionary

As you have read by now, my mother was one of my "teammates" on our mission trip to Wyoming. I cannot thank the Lord enough for allowing me to go with her on her first mission trip.

This was her first time flying & she did it very well!!! (See how she follows my example).

On the plane we were able to give what I call "tag team testimonies" (when you each share testimonies that point others to Christ)to the lady across the aisle from mom. the lady was so afraid of flying that she asked to hold mom's hand when we took off and when we landed. She asked us many questions because she did not have a peace about death. Hopefully she thought about the words we said and the Scripture we gave her. We are praying that she will find peace through Christ.

Everyday our team saw how the Lord used my mom. Whether she serve behind the scenes, sewing with the ladies, or helping in a class - it blessed my heart to see my mother being used by God in such a special way.

I was not only blessed to serve with my mom, but to also spend time with her. She is a hard worker at home. It was nice for us to get away and see some of WY's beauty.

We will never know all that the Lord has done in my mom's life during our mission trip, nor will we realize all He has used her for in His work in the ladies and children's hearts and lives.

Thank you Lord for a mother who takes joy in serving You!
"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." ~Proverbs 31:28

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