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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Differant Sunday

This past Sunday I had a differant type of Sunday. Usually I am at a church meeting, visiting a church for a possible future meeting, or attending and serving at my home church.
My grandmother's health and mind have been deteriorating rapidly since we left and came home from WY. She had a stroke last Sunday night while we were sharing at church about all that the Lord did during VBS in WY. Since then she had been hospitalized till last Wednesday and then released into my mother's care.
If you have ever cared for a parent or grandparent whose mind is very bad you know it is no easy task. My mother faithfully cared for my dad's mom for 6 years until she needed specialized care because my mother couldn't care for her anymore. Those years were a great trial for my mom and now she had to care for her mom who is far worse than my other grandma is.
We went to the Lord in prayer hoping that a home would take her in so that she would get the care that she needs. Noone would take her, but one. That one said they could not take her till September. Because my mom is a house wife and stay-at-home mom,she was chosen to have the burden of caring for her mom.
As I was praying about what church to visit on Sunday, the Lord impressed upon my heart that I should releive my mom by watching over grandma so she could be at church on Sunday (this was a great relief to my mom since she still had 4 more weeks till September and was not guarenteed when she could get some help since I am usually traveling on deputation). It was a blessing to me that I could minister to my mom and grandma in this way.
Grandma and I had our own Bible study. We finished the Book of Acts together. I have been studying Acts all summer. The Scripture really comes alive when you are reading it out loud. Paul's journeys, testimony in trials, and love for God were seen in a whole new light. The Lord certainly spoke to me in many ways during our time in His Word that day.
I am not sure how much of the reading my Grandma heard or understood since her mind is not coherent, but she was quiet during my time of reading the Bible to her.
Yesterday, the nursing home called and said they had a room for grandma. Hopefully they will keep her permenantly so that she has the care she needs. I am thankful to have that little memory of reading the rest of Acts to her on a differant type of Sunday!

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