Welcome friends, old and new, known and unknown! It has been my desire to share with you how the Lord is working in my life as I serve the Lord on the mission field of Kabwe, Zambia. There is an old black and white movie called The African Queen. It is about a boat that travels down river. This blog is not about a boat. It is however, about my travels on the mission field of Kabwe, Zambia. By the way, did you know that my name means queen. For many years I have been burdened for souls in Africa. That is why some of my friends call me African Queen.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Skating

Monday, was ice skating day!
A family from my home church invited me to go 
ice skating with some of the teens.
I picked up one of the families (like sisters and a little brother to me) 
and we headed over to the York City Ice Arena.
With every lap we made around the rink,
we did our best to become better skaters.
Most of all I enjoyed the fellowship.
I will miss these girls and ladies when I get to South Africa,
but I also look forward to a new ministry with
other ladies and girls.
It almost felt like time stood still for those few hours and I could forget about everything that needs to be done and just skate around, 
laughing and playing with the teens.
We need days like that now and then.
 Of course, the day was not without a few blisters, falls,
slidding on the ice, near accidents, and the whip (led by Kyle :)
I am so glad to have such good fellowship.
As I looked around at each of these girls three thoughts came to mind:
1) they all have great and godly mothers who spend time with them, pray diligently for them, and have taught them to honor God.
2) hopefully, one day each of them will raise daughters to love, obey, and honor God.
3) they are my hope for the future of our church in South Africa.  Wouldn't it be great to have a group of young ladies who love the Lord and desire to serve Him!  Wouldn't it be great to have Zulu girls who have godly mothers!
Keep Praying!  He IS Faithful!!!