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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DAY #1- Abambo VBS June 25, 2013

Pastor Jeff & Blessing explaining how to memorize Bible verses.
We all arrive with great anticipation.
It was exciting, not knowing what to expect on the first day of VBS.
We had never had a VBS in this area before.
Our attendance could be anywhere from 10-200, who knows.

A number of children from the area have been coming to church faithfully.
We pick up 2 car loads every Sunday morning.
About 4 young Zulu men come to church with 10 children.
Our cars are usually so packed (we are praying that the Lord will provide a van).

Pastor Jeff listening to Sanelisiwe's memory verse.
After the children heard how to memorize thier verses,
We spilt them up and worked one-on-one with them.

Blessing listening to Ntombi's verse.

Then it was time to start.
As you will notice from the pictures,
we started the morning with around 35 and grew to over 100 kids!
I stopped counting after 105, because it was hard to keep track of them all.
What a great problem to have!)

Pastor Jeff taught the Bible lesson.
Blessing did a wonderful job at interpreting!

As you can see, the children really listened.

Peter D. & Blessing reviewed the Bible lesson.

We evern had ladies come by the school.
One lady asked me, "Is this just for the children?"
I said,"No, you are welcome to stay".
I think there were 5 ladies who stayed to hear the Gospel.

After the Bible lesson came game time.
Peter D. & Peter N. did a great job playing with the kids!

Then it was time for the missionary story.
This time, I taught the story of Ringu.
It is a wonderful story of a Hindu boy from India.
The story really attacks the falsehood of animism 
(which is a belief also held by the Zulus).
Mfundo did a great job translating for me.
He used such great expression!

Tuesday VBS - room full of over 100 children! Praise the Lord!
Auntie Robbin, always the lady who works joyfully behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.
Ladies who came to VBS on Tuesday.
We even enlisted the help of the ladies to hand out the snacks.
This gave me a great opportunity to talk to them again about the Gospel 
and to give them a tract in Zulu to take home to read.

With verses to memorize and many sweets in their hands,
the children went off to their homes in anticipation 
of what the next day might bring.


(*** Please check back again later,
 because I have some videos to add to this post tonight.)