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Friday, June 28, 2013

DAY#3 Abambo VBS - June 27, 2013

The last day of VBS at Abambo was a cold and rainy one.

The faithful workers gathered up all of the goodies 
we have been collecting for the children
and filled small bags for them to take home at the end of the day.

Each bag contained-
a New Testament,
an orange,
and lots of sweets!
(thanks to Emily, her boss, Janine &Les, Heather, & Jean,...)

A gift for each child on the last day.

With the weather being so cold,
we wondered how many would really come today.

Then they started showing up,
dressed for Winter weather
and carrying their umbrellas.

Had to take a picture of this little girl. She was so cute!

A little while after a few kids had gathered,
I was working in the other room and heard the children start singing.
I peeked around the corner to see this-
Peter N. was leading the singing!

Peter N. leading some songs.
Although the early morning group was small,
he had them singing nice and loud, all together.
Peter N. did such a great job and the kids loved him!

Bible Lesson -

Today during the Bible lesson Pastor Jeff blindfolded a boy.

He walked around the room
calling to the boy and asking him to come toward his voice.

He even went outside once to see if the boy could find him.
We can't find our own way without Christ!

Then Pastor Jeff had the kids close their eyes.
They could not see and needed someone to guide them.
Just like we need the Bible to guide us!

To get the children ready for the lesson,
Pastor Jeff & Blessing lead them in "Thula Wazi Nginguthixo"
("Be Still and Know")
This was the best they have done all week!

Our lesson today was about the Samaritan woman.
Jesus explained to her that He is the Living Water.

Listen to the children saying our memory verse - John 3:16

During the invitation, a bunch of children responded to the Gospel.
Pastor Jeff had me & Blessing take the girls out to talk with about salvation.
There were 8 girls who came with us.
Sadly, I didn't get a picture.

We worked with them first as a group and then one-on-one.
They each thought that they had been saved before, but now they were not sure.
We prayed with all 8 of them for reassurance of salvation.
This is why we are so burdened to plant a church in this area.
Many do not understand salvation or may believe in the ancestors & God.
They need a pastor to teach and lead them in the Truth.
Please pray with us about this need.

Pastor Jeff & Sam lead 5 boys to Christ on Thursday.
Pastor Jeff and Sam had 8 boys who responded to the invitation.
3 boys received assurance of salvation
and 5 boys were saved!

Craft Time -
Because of the rain, we decided to divide the kids into 2 groups
 to do some crafts with them.

The older children decorated cups.

Each cup had a water proof label on it with the day's verse - John 3:16 in Zulu.

Even Sam got into the craft.

As you can see, they had lots of fun.
I was pleased to see that they wrote things about God on their cups-
"I love you God."
"You are my Lord."

The little children were busy coloring a Bible picture in the other room.

Special Prizes -
These children said all of their memory verses.
 We awarded each of the children who said all of their memory verses 
with a 50cm long bubble gum rope.
Pastor Jeff handing a new Bible to each of the kids who were saved.
 Each of the children who were saved this week got a new Bible of their very own.
(Sorry, I took this picture with only the kids that were saved from Wednesday.)
Kids saved on Wednesday receive their very own Bible.

Now it is time for the kids to be dismissed.

They all lined up...

...and walked out the door...

 ...to receive a New Testament & treats.

We are so happy with all that the Lord has done 
in the lives of the children in Abambo this week.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who
gave of their time in preparation, teaching, interpreting, gametime;
gave of their finances for supplies & goodies for the kids;
made, bought, or brought snacks;
helped to clean the facilities;
poured juice;
took photos;
kept the children quiet and still (even that bad little boy);
even though you could not come to help
you prayed & encouraged those who were able to be there;
stayed home to do work so her husband could come;
stamped tracts;
kept the goats and village dogs from eating our snacks;
killed the big spiders,...

Every person is important and needed.
We could not have had such a great week 
if it wasn't for everyone behind the scenes.

This is not the end of the Lord's work in Abambo,
this is only the beginning!!!