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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reaching People

There is a ministry about an hour from my home called TAP ministries. This ministry collects teaching materials, books and Bibles for pastors and missionaries all around the world to use.

They carefully go through everything to make sure it is truly Biblical teaching. People donate unused Sunday school materials, new & old concordances, Bible encyclopedias and dictionaries, missionary biographies, devotionals, CEF 5-day club books, Bible pictures, song visuals, and much, much more.

They ship boxes all around the world. Last week while I was there they told me a story of an Indian man who was attending a Bible institute that a missionary was teaching in his area. This man has been studying the Bible for 3 years. He wrote them and asked if they could send him a Bible of his own. I could not believe what I heard. This man loved God and was dedicated to studying the Bible to teach others, but did not have his very own. He had to borrow someone else's Bible. How sad it is that most American homes have an average of 3-5 Bibles and hardly study God's Word, while this man does not have his own and has faithfully studied for 3 years.

There are many more stories about how this minsitry has reached so many people with the Gospel and has helped pastors and missionaries train men and woman to serve Him.

As a missionary, I love to go and visit with the people who are responsible for this ministry. They are such a blessing to me. It is like Christmas when I go because God uses that ministry to provide many children's Bible lessons, Missionary stories, and visualized songs that I use now on deputation and will use on the mission field.
The best thing about my trip last week was that I found a new Bible. My study Bible has been in very bad shape. It falls apart when you pick it up, so I leave it at home and carry my smaller Bible with me. As I was looking on the huge shelf of Bibles, I found a brand new King James Study Bible with wide margins. I had looked everywhere for a wide margin Bible and could not find one. TAP Ministries gave me one and it was brand new! I can't wait to fill up those wide margins with nuggets that the Lord gives to me as I study His Word.

If you would like more info about TAP please contact me.

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