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Friday, July 8, 2011

Traveling to Wyoming - July 8,2011

Woke up at 2am this morning (only 3hrs sleep).

Left the house at 2:35 am and picked everyone up.

8 of us traveled to the airport in a Chevy Astro Van (it was quite cozy with us and all of our luggage).

We got to the BWI airport in Baltimore, MD at 5am. Where there was a very long line to check-in.

The Lord blessed us by allowing us to get through the line, checked everything in fine, and then we proceeded to the gate where we got some much-needed coffee.

While we were waiting I was able to go up to a man named Eric and talk to him about the Lord. Earlier when we were waiting in the long check-in line he was worried that he and his wife would not make it to thier gate on time. The Lord prompted me to go up to him and witness to him about knowing where he will go for his eternal destination. I told him a little about myself and gave him a tract our church has about salvation (it says on the front "where are you headed" and has a picture of suitcases on the front, perfect for handing out in the airport). I asked him if he knows where his eternal destination was. Gladly he replied, "Heaven". I asked him how he knew and he said he clearly knew and had trusted in Jesus Christ as the only way. What an encouragment! I left him with the tract to hand out to someone else.

Later on the connecting flight my mom and I sat in a row next to a lady who had never flown before. We were able to witness to her. She asked to hold my mom's hand because she was afraid.
Please pray for that lady - Kristy (she took this group picture for us).

We were met in Cheyene, WY this afternoon by Pastor Potter and drove 3 hrs to Glenrock, WY.
Finally, we arrived at our final destination 16 hrs after waking this morning. It is so beautiful here!

Praise the Lord for all 7 of us arriving safely and with all of our luggage! We are very tired and there time is 2 hours later than ours so VBS next week will be 7-9pm here (9-11pm our time).
Please pray for the 4 people who are still traveling here by car and for rest tonight for everyone.

Plans for tommorrow:
~ VBS blitz (handing out and inviting kids to VBS)
~ church picnic
~ trip to Walmart :)

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