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Friday, July 1, 2011

MZBC Church Camp: Friday

Can't believe camp is over!!!
The Lord has done so much this week and many decisions were made for Him.

The Lord taught me many things this week, but most of all He taught me about the power of prayer.

Some specific things I was praying for:
~ unity among the staff
~ unity with the counselors in my cabin
~ for the girls in my cabin to be serious about the Lord and to make valid decisions
~ health & safety of everyone
~ that some of the new college students would feel useful in the roles that they are filling at camp
~ to be able to spend time with some of the girls & young ladies that I have invested time in
~ that I could make it through camp without collapsing from exhaustion :)

The Lord specifically answered all of these prayers & others that are too personal to mention.

Thank you for praying for us this week!

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