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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Missions Conference Tradition

It has been my tradition for a few years to have a sleepover for teen girls on the Thursday night of Missions Conference. Of course the amount of girls is limited since I drive a pick-up truck. This year I asked another single lady to come. Rachel and her mom helped me to bring the girls home for the sleepover. The first 7 girls I invited were the ones who got to come (sorry to those of you who couldn't come because of lack of space, we will have to plan on doing something together soon).
After settling in, we usually have a campfire and snacks. This year it had rained all day, so this was our campfire.
We roasted hot dogs & marshmallows over the stove tops. It proved to be quite an experience, especially when the cheese inside a hot dog would make the flames spark and grow higher. The girls all brought delicious home-made desserts (Moms, you did a great job with teaching your daughters to bake! Yummy!!!). We also had coffee, hot cocoa, and hot cider to help us stay up to play games.

Game time was so much fun! You really get to know alot about people by playing games. We played: Bop-It, Maffia, 4-on-the-Couch, Apples to Apples, Pit, Dutch Blitz, and of course Silly-Slidding-Sock Races.
As you can see, socks are not just beautiful footwear, but also make great attire for a very competative sport (which took place around 3am).

The Bible instructs the older ladies to teach younger ladies about godliness (Titus 2). My desire is to be a blessing to those young ladies by providing a time where they can get together and enjoy eachother's company, talk about what the Lord is teaching them during Missions Conference, and maybe the Lord could use me to encourage them on in spiritual things.
The Bible also tells us that when you invest time in others by trying to be a blessing and encouragement in thier lives, you will also be blessed and encouraged. I thank the Lord for the great teen girls we have at our church. My prayer is that God will use each of them in a wonderful way!

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