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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waiting for me

When you go off on a trip do you have someone waiting for you? No everyone does, but most people have someone waiting for them. Some have husbands, children, family, friends, or roommates. Others, like me have those little furry creatures waiting.
As most of you know, I have lived by myself for over 14 years now. The only reason I wish that I didn't have to travel so much on deputation is because of having to leave my friendly little kitties. The blessing that I receive from deputation is too great to explain. It is also when I return home in between trips that I get another blessing.
As my truck pulls into the driveway and I get closer to my house, the kitties come out from thier hiding places. They are so excited to see thier "mommy" again. Sometimes they cry and cry until I get out of the truck because they can hardly wait for me to pick them up or pet them. Usually, for the first few days that I am home, they will not let me out of thier sight. If I sit down one or both of them have to be on my lap. I am thankful that even though I live alone, God gave me something to greet me when I come home. Let me tell you a little more of how God uses His creatures in my life.

Bandit is one of the kittens from a cat I had while I lived at home. She comes when I call her and is always to comfort me there when I am crying. Bandit does not like when I sing out loud, though. She must think I am crying when I sing because she cries along with me :). If Bandit is in the house when I am reading my devotions, she insists on trying to lay on my Bible when I read. Her attitude toward my bed is that it belongs to her and she can be a bed-hog if she wants because she spends more time in it than I do. Bandit is a great hunter. Sometimes if I step outside my door without looking down I step on her dead catch (mouse, mole, bird,...) I am so thankful that the Lord gave me Bandit, He knows what we need to brighten our day!

Fluffy is well-named as you can see. He had such a gentle nature and loved when I would hold him like a baby. Last Fall, after a month and a half trip for deputation, I came home and he was not here. We looked everywhere for him (including along the road where he could be hit by a car). We did not find a sign of him anywhere. It is my belief that someone took him.
One of his favorite things to do was to ride with me on the camp golf cart. Sometimes he would lay on the seat and cry until I took him for a ride. We always said he needed a cap and goggles :) He loved to ride! At christmas, Fluffy loved to lay under the tree beside baby Jesus in the manger. I miss him, but am thankful that God gave me such a cute and gentle mannered cat.

and then there's BUDDY
When Fluffy disappeared I just figured that God was slowly taking my kitties away from me since I am going to South Africa. I had never planned to get another cat because of being away so often. Fluffy's dissappearance made me sad, but I did not cry because I accepted it as the Lord's will. One day I finally did cry. I had been home for a week after Fluffy's diappearance and Bandit would cry non-stop because she missed him. Finally, I could not take it anymore and mourned with her.
A dear friend of mine from church heard about Fluffy and asked if I wanted another cat. She had a bunch of kittens at her house, that's where Buddy came from. Michelle and I drove over to her house and caught Buddy (he was not a tame cat).
Buddy was 6 months old when I got him so potty training him was no small chore (my cats are trained to go outside, no litter box required). He was not a wild cat like I thought. He immediately became my friend, that's why I call him "Buddy" (plus no other name stuck as well as that one). While he was small i would take him over to "grandma & grandpa's" house. It is so hilarious to hear my father look at a cat and say, "Come to grandpa". Just makes me laugh thinking about it. Buddy has a special bond with my dad. They like to take naps together. Now that Buddy is older he gets violently car sick, so I no longer take him to my parent's house. They come visit him periodically.
The thing I love most about Buddy is his excitement for life. When I call him to come in the house, he runs in. If I am doing the dishes or sorting through things at home, he wants to help (which usually results in him stealing something I am working with and taking it across the room to play with). He also can fetch (isn't that weird). God uses Buddy to remind me that everyday and every moment are gifts from Him. We should be excited about all that God has done for us. I know I need to be more like Buddy in this way - ready to embrace the day through the power of God.

God uses animals in the Bible to teach people a lessons about Him or His will.
For example:
Noah - raven & dove> His protection & provision
Jonah - whale> obey God's will
- worm> stop being selfish and just love people as God does
Daniel - lions> His power & protection
Balaam - donkey> His will for His people & boldness to stand for God

God also used animals to show off His Son: Holy Spirit as dove, fish that swallowed a coin, donkey that carried Christ into Jerusalem, called Jesus the Lamb of God,... These lists go on and on. We know that animals do not have souls, so they are not valuable for thier eternal state like man is, but God certainly uses them for His glory. What creature has been used by God in your life?

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